MASASA beach ON A BUDGET: travel guide & schedule

Here’s a diy travel guide to Masasa beach in Tingloy, Batangas, with info on resorts, house stays, boat rates, as well as sample MASASA beach schedule for day trip as well as overnight stay!

Until extremely recently, Masasa beach was a concealed gem, stashed away from the watchful eye of weekend warriors from Manila. however something this valuable is difficult to keep secret. As soon as word got out, tourists came in droves, rattling what utilized to be a dormant town.

Masasa beach is probably the very best beach in Tingloy, the only municipality in Batangas that is not on mainland Luzon. Its primary island is the fish-shaped Maricaban, off the suggestion of Calumpang Peninsula separating Balayan Bay from Batangas Bay.

The reality is, the sand right here isn’t as pearly white as what you would expect in Boracay or Palawan, however what Masasa beach lacks in the brightness of its sand it makes up for in the vibrance of waves. Its crystal clear, shallow waters provide off a gorgeous turquoise shimmer, something that will catch your interest even from a fantastic distance.

Tingloy (Google Earth)


By personal Boat

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MASASA beach budget plan BREAKDOWN
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Masasa Beach

Note that boats bound for Tingloy or Masasa beach are docked at either Anilao Port or Talaga Port.

Anilao Port (aka Mabini Multi-purpose Port) is utilized from the begin of amihan season, sometime in December up until a long time in June. When habagat season begins, the operations are transferred to Talaga Port in Brgy. Talaga. There is no fixed date since it depends upon the conditions of the waves as well as currents. however you may phone call the Mabini tourism office to be sure: (043) 410 0607.

Anyway, if you’re taking public transportation, here’s exactly how to get to these ports.

Take the bus going to Batangas City. There are terminals in EDSA-Kamias as well as Cubao in Quezon City, LRT-Buendia as well as Taft in Pasay City.

Alight at the Grand Terminal. Fare: P185 from LRT-Buendia (higher if from Cubao, lower if from Alabang). travel time: 2-3 hours.

Ride a jeepney to Talaga Port or Anilao Port. You’ll discover the jeepneys at a devoted terminal. just ask around. everybody at the Grand terminal understands where the jeeps are stationed. travel time: 40 minutes. Fare: PhP 40.

Try to leave in the early morning to dodge the crazy Manila rush hour traffic. If you select a bus with a CALABARZON sign, travel time will be much shorter since it will bypass a number of towns as well as cities (Lipa, Tanauan, Malvar, etc.). travel time is less than 2 hours. Otherwise, it can take as long as 3 hours.


By Public Boat

Once you’re at the port, you have three choices depending upon your travel plan. Whatever you choose, you will requirement to pay a P80 environmental charge in addition to the fare.

Option 1: catch the boat to Tingloy Port. The fare is only P80. travel time: 45 minutes – 1 hour. At the port, lease a tricycle to your homestay or to the begin of the hiking path to Masasa Beach. Tricycle Fare: P80.

Option 2: Go directly to Masasa Beach. There are public boats that go directly to Masasa Beach, however they are fewer as well as even much more unpredictable. Fare: P100.

Here is the boat schedule.

10:30 AM
12:00 PM
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM

6:00 AM
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
2:30 PM

However, based on experience, the routines above are not always followed. The boat typically only leaves as soon as there are 80 passengers onboard, so during off-peak season as well as weekdays, prepare to wait a long time.

As you may have noticed, the last public boat back to the mainland at Tingloy Port leaves at 2:30pm. however you can likewise lease a personal boat at Masasa Beach, which will set you back P3000 (or P2500 if you haggle). There are likewise other boats that ferry passengers back to the mainland at smaller docks, however we can’t hold of any type of official schedule. however they in some cases pick up passengers at Masasa beach at around 12nn on weekends.

By personal Boat

If you’re a huge group or you want total manage of your time, you can charter a personal boat. However, it may be difficult to discover a boatman prepared to take you on a trip at the port. We’ve effectively done it when before. On my second time, we couldn’t discover any type of so we ended uptaking the trip provided by our resort.

The typical rate is P4500 per boat. quite steep! however this can fit as much as 10 passengers.

You can ask the boatman to make a stop at Sombrero Island since it’s along the way. Sombrero Island entrance charge is P200 ($4). Some boatmen will request extra P500 ($10) for it.

Masasa Beach


There are no resorts in Masasa beach itself. For the longest time, camping was the most prominent option for weekenders. However, starting March 2017, overnight camping is no longer permitted. You may still pitch a tent, however you should leave by 7pm.

As of March 2019, overnight camping is still not allowed.


The regional government is motivating visitors to opt with homestay instead. There are numerous available. If you want to book through Agoda, right here are some options:

SEA LOVERS’ PLACE. P1500 per room. inspect rates & Availability!

TRES MARIAS TRANSIENT HOUSE. P1500 per room. inspect rates & Availability!

I was likewise able to try Mandanas Homestay, house of Councilor Florencio Mandanas, which was one of the very first to welcome tourists back in the day. It’s been years because I last tried it though so I don’t understand the most recent rates. however their get in touch with numbers are 09178255513 as well as 09178414715.

Here’s all the other homestay info we gathered. Please note that we are not recommending any type of of these. This is simply a listing of offered homestays in the island. I cannot vouch for any type of of these so book at your own risk.

Bebe Gella’s Transient House
Contact Numbers: 0977 239 3555 / 0916 780 6529

MJ Squared Transient House
Contact Numbers: 0919 978 8884 / 0995 601 2658

Nanay Rosie Transient House
Contact Numbers: 0919 686 4368 / 0995 986 3780

Ate Lisa Transient House
Contact Number: 0906 402 367

Carmen as well as Ruben
Contact Numbers: 0926 522 4463 / 0975 715 7232

El Soledad
Contact Numbers: 0999 516 4723

Teacher Benny
Contact Numbers: – 0917 804 8427 / 0927 333 1977

KC – Neth Nipa Huts
Contact Numbers: 0910 532 1471 / 0977 814 2914

Tita Ebeth Transient House
Contact Numbers: 0999 6890354 / 0930 753 5725

Casa Victoria
Contact Numbers: 0956 536 5386

Sea Lovers’ Place
Contact Numbers: 0998 843 3558

All transient basic rate is PHP 400 per person if you’re a group of 3.

If you’re a celebration of 2 only, the cost is between PHP 1200 as well as 1500.


Because Masasa beach can be went to on an island hopping day trip from Anilao, numerous travelers select to just spend the night in the mainland, where lots of resorts are located. right here are a few of the best-rated resorts in Anilao as well as close-by barangays on the mainland, according to Agoda users.

Of these, we were able to try BagaLangit Hideaways as well as Eagle point Resort, both found in Barangay Bagalangit. Both resorts likewise offer beach trips that can take you to Masasa Beach. Eagle point can likewise take you to Sepoc Beach.

Eagle point beach as well as Dive Resort. inspect rates & Availability!

BagaLangit Hideaways. inspect rates & Availability!

Anilao beach Buzz as well as Dive Resort. inspect rates & Availability!

Blue ribbon Dive Resort. inspect rates & Availability!

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Boats utilized for island-hopping tour

Beach bum as well as swim. Obviously. It’s a fantastic beach, strewn with soft, supple sand, lapped up by gentle waves. as well as in sunny days, the waters are so blue, you won’t withstand it. keep in mind that it’s a long beach. Behind the rock walls are much more pockets of sand. Don’t stay on the primary beach.

Snorkel. Tingloy is within the vicinity of Verde passage which is one of the richest marine biodiversity areas in the world. a few of these fantastic creatures come better to the shore. however remember, please respect wildlife. Don’t feed them. Don’t touch them. Don’t kill them.

Go island hopping. On the beach you’ll discover a little store. next to it is a area where boatmen stay. They take passengers on an island-hopping trip which make a stop at other areas like Oscar Beach, Tawil Point, Sepoc Point, lagoon, as well as Sombrero Island. They utilize a little boat that can fit as much as 3 passengers. basic rate: P1500.

Trek to Mag-asawang Bato, a rock formation that stands atop a close-by hill. novices can certainly do this. Takes around 2 hours to complete.

There’s one more great beach in Tingloy: Sepoc Island


If you’re costs a night in Tingloy, here’s a sample itinerary.

Day 1
05:00 am – ETD JAM Bus terminal (Buendia or Kamias)
8:00 am – ETA Batangas Grand Terminal
8:30 am – ETD Batangas Grand terminal (Jeepney to Anilao)
9:30 am – ETA Anilao, Brunch, purchase supplies
10:00 am – boat to Tingloy
11:00 am – inspect in at homestay
11:30 am – Trike + trip to Masasa Beach, swim, etc
06:00 pm – pack up, back to homestay
07:00 pm – Dinner

Day 2
06:00 am – Wake up, get ready
08:00 am – boat back to Anilao
09:00 am – Jeep to Grand Terminal
10:20 am – trip Bus to Manila

Because of Masasa Beach’s close proximity, it is frequently went to as a side trip attraction for those climbing Mt. Gulugod Baboy or diving diving in Anilao. below is a sample weekend schedule for non-divers. modify this according to your routine as well as needs.

Day 1: Gulugod Baboy
07:00 am – ETD JAM Bus terminal (Buendia or Kamias)
10:00 am – ETA Batangas Grand Terminal
10:30 am – ETD Batangas Grand terminal (Jeepney to Anilao)
11:20 am – ETA Anilao, Lunch, Rest, Prep for Hike
01:40 pm – Take tricycle to Philpan Dive Resort
02:00 pm – begin climb
04:00 pm – set up camp, check out summit, sunset viewing
06:30 pm – Dinner
10:00 pm – Lights out

Day 2: Tingloy Island Hopping
05:30 am – Wake up, sunrise viewing
06:45 am – breakfast preps
09:00 am – break camp, begin descent
10:40 am – ETA Philpan Dive Resort
11:00 am – Back at Anilao Port for island hopping tour
11:15 am – purchase lunch components at Anilao Public Market
11:40 am – TOUR! Sombrero Island, Masasa Beach
05:00 pm – Back at Anilao Port
06:00 pm – Leave for Batangas City (Grand Terminal)
07:00 pm – ETD Batangas Grand Terminal
09:30 pm – ETA Manila

MASASA beach budget plan BREAKDOWN

Here’s a summary of the possible expenses. This ought to provide you a ballpark figure of exactly how much to prep for this trip however in no method perfect. This ought to only serve as a guide.

The quieter side of Masasa Beach
Note that you would not encounter whatever above. For example, if you don’t plan on staying overnight in Tingloy, then disregard the boat fare to Tingloy. Likewise, if you only desire to see Masasa beach as well as not the other islands, disregard the island-hopping trip since you can quickly reach it by taking the public boat to Tingloy.

Bus fare to Batangas Grand Terminal: Fare: P185 from LRT Buendia (more from LRT-Buendia, less from Alabang).

Jeepney fare to Anilao: P40

Boat rental (island hopping tour) from Anilao: P4500 per boat (10pax max)

Boat rental (island hopping tour) from Masasa Beach: P1500 per boat (3pax max)

Snorkel rental (island hopping tour): P100 per head

Public boat fare to Tingloy: P80

Tricycle trip to Masasa Beach: P80

Environmental Fee: P80

Masasa Beach: FREE

Sombrero Island entrance Fee: P200

MORE suggestions FOR THE bad TRAVELER

Masasa Beach

First of all, please don’t be an a**hole. Don’t leave trash on the beach. Whatever you give the place, take them with you when you leave. Masasa beach is beautiful, however trash is ending up being an alarming problem.

Electricity is unpredictable. Brownout is arranged at 12mn however can occur as early as 10 or 11pm. Make sure your gadgets as well as power banks (mobile batteries) are charged.

Consider the weather. I have seen Masasa beach both on cloudy as well as sunny days, as well as young boy what difference it makes. Masasa beach is fantastic when it glistens under the sun since it shows off all its blues as well as greens. like many beaches, it’s not as alluring when the clouds are there.

There is a little restroom that you can utilize for a very little fee.

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ • 7️⃣ • 5️⃣ – last update
2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ • 3️⃣ • 3️⃣1️⃣ – very first up

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