WHERE TO stay IN BALI: finest areas as well as top hotels

tourism has transformed Bali’s fishing villages into resort towns. since it has ended up being the main source of earnings for locals, Bali has certainly grasped the art of hospitality management. It has the widest choice of accommodations in Indonesia, from budget plan to elegant options. lots of of these properties take pride in exceptional amenities as well as friendly service, so it is not difficult in any way to discover a location to stay. If anything, there are as well lots of choices.

But what is the very best area? Well, that depends upon what you’re in Bali for — your travel style, preferences, as well as itinerary. Every corner has its own pros as well as cons. It’s crucial to be familiar with the geography of the island.

Bali is composed of eight regencies as well as one city, Denpasar. however for tourists, you can just split the island into four regions:

South Bali. The southern part of Bali is the island’s tourism hub. The majority of the accommodations, restaurants, cafes, bars, buying areas, as well as attractions are discovered in the south. There are a number of surfing areas that draw adventurous travelers to the area. vacationer hotspots: Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Sanur, Denpasar, as well as the southeast islands — Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, as well as Nusa Ceningan.

Central as well as east Bali. The central as well as eastern parts are mountainous as well as are best for agriculture as well as coffee production. east Bali is house to the huge active volcano, install Agung, the mom mountain. Ubud is located a bit bit north of Denpasar. It is the arts as well as culture hub of Bali. other attractions are dive areas from Amed as well as Tulamben as well as a ferry port to Lombok in Padangbai. vacationer hotspots: Ubud, Amed, Tulamben, as well as Padangbai.

North Bali. The northern coastline of Bali uses beaches, however the shores have dark to black sand. likewise a jump-off point to specific dive spots. vacationer hotspots: Lovina as well as Singaraja (the old colonial capital).

West Bali. The western part likewise uses both water as well as mountain activities. The shores here, like the northern area, have dark to black sand. Medewi is great for surfing, while Menjangan Island serves as a diving area option. West Bali national Park is best for those who like to hike as well as trek. vacationer hotspots: Medewi, Pemuteran, as well as Menjangan Island.

Here’s a basic tourism map of Bali.

Bali vacationer Hotspots. Denpasar is the funding city.
The red-labeled locations on the map are the crucial vacationer areas in Bali. As you can see, a lot of hotspots are found along the southern edge of the island, especially in the Badung regency. Kuta, Legian as well as Seminyak are all within this area. even the islands flight terminal — the Ngurah Rai worldwide Airport, which is frequently called Denpasar Airport, is really in Badung as well as not in Denpasar.

If you are still stuck in figuring out where to stay in Bali, let’s break down the vacationer hotspots in Bali. We likewise added the top budget-friendly hotels in each area, as rated by Agoda users.


KutaTop hotels in Kuta

SeminyakTop hotels in Seminyak

LegianTop hotels in Legian

SanurTop hotels in Sanur

UbudTop hotels as well as Guesthouses in Ubud

Other areas in Bali to ConsiderTop hotels in Canggu
Top hotels in Jimbaran
Top hotels in Uluwatu
Top hotels in Nusa Dua
Top hotels in Nusa Penida
Top hotels in Nusa Lembongan
Top hotels in Nusa Ceningan
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Best for: budget plan travelers, backpackers, celebration animals

Kuta district in Badung Regency has the greatest concentration of accommodations in Bali. Although there are high-end hotels here, the town is understood for its budget- as well as backpacker-friendly accommodations.

Kuta is the most prominent among visitors. There’s a reason for that. The place is extremely practical since it’s along the primary road as well as in the town center. You’ll quickly discover nearly whatever that you may requirement right here — ATMs, money exchange kiosks, banks, practical stores, buying places, restaurants as well as bars, excursion agencies, as well as motorcycle rentals. It is likewise the house base of lots of excursion companies as well as operators. lots of excursion bundles likewise begin here.

Kuta is finest understood for its beach, where lots of surfers flock to trip the waves. This location put Bali on the map of worldwide tourists. It is likewise popular — or infamous, depending upon exactly how you feel about it — for its vibrant, energetic nightlife.

It is crucial to likewise understand that Kuta is congested as well as extremely busy. If you’re after some peace as well as quiet, Kuta is absolutely not for you.

Top hotels in Kuta

Cara Cara Inn. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

H-Ostel Bali. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Praba Guesthouse. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Kuta beach Stay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Yans home Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

D Beds Hostel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅


Best for: families, travelers with bigger budget, those who like all the great things Kuta has to offer however hates huge crowds

Seminyak is Kuta’s less prominent however classier stepsister to the north. When it pertains to lodging options, believe of it as the high-end version of Kuta. It is lined with lots of high-end hotels, villas, as well as health club resorts. lots of of them likewise deal with households as well as huge groups. There are likewise a number of fine-dining restaurants, high-end shops, as well as stylish bars, as well as stylish spots.

Like Kuta, it is a surfer’s paradise. It’s likewise found along the exact same coast, so they share the exact same view of the sunset. as well as it’s likewise quite easily accessible from the airport, albeit a bit bit farther.

Top hotels in Seminyak

Balinea rental property & Spa. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Semimpi Basecamp. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Room & Vespa Suite 2. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Ibis styles Bali Petitenget. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Arana Suite. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Seminyak Square Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅


Best for: travelers who want the very best of both worlds (Kuta & Seminyak)

Situated between Kuta as well as Seminyak, Legian is a suburb that uses the very best of both worlds. Locals joke that it is finest for people who want to experience Kuta however don’t want to stay there as well as who want to stay in Seminyak however can’t pay for it. however on a severe note, since both districts are easily accessible from Legian, it truly uses a fantastic balance. It’s quieter as well as less hectic than Kuta, however it’s less costly as well as stylish than Seminyak. however it is quieter compared to the two.

Top hotels in Legian

Grand La Walon Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Adys Inn. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Zest hotel Legian. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Swiss-Belinn Legian. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Le LIMA Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Borough capsule Hostel Bali. inspect rates & Availability! ✅


Sanur was when the vacationer hub in Bali. together with Kuta, in the early days of Bali as a tourism juggernaut, Sanur underwent advancement ahead of the others. However, Sanur retained its tranquility in spite of the advancements that occurred there. While Kuta is often called Sunset Beach, Sanur is frequently referred to as Sunrise beach since it faces east.

Sanur is a great location to swim as well as kick back by the beach as well as uses family-friendly accommodations.

Top hotels in Sanur

Kembali Lagi guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Umah Bagus. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Blanjong Homestay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Abyan guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Semarandana Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Kubu Daton house Stay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅


Best for: travelers seeking some peace of mind as well as cultural experience

Ubud is the heart as well as spirit of Bali. Although it has ended up being busier as a lot more tourists flood in over the years, it stays the island’s cultural core. a lot of go to Ubud only on a day tour. however it has a great deal to offer for those who want to immerse in the rural, spiritual side of the island. staying right here indicates you get simple gain access to to breathtaking scenery, nature, temples, as well as the standard Balinese method of life.

Top hotels as well as Guesthouses in Ubud

Puri Kobot. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Soka Homestay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Jiwa guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Buana house Stay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Yana Villas Kemenuh. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Wijaya guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Other areas in Bali to Consider

Top hotels in Canggu

Canggu is one more resort village north of Seminyak. The surrounding rice paddies produce a picturesque backdrop for standard villages. It likewise caters to both little as well as huge groups.

Papaya Guesthouse. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Betesda guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Rama Village. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Bali Fullmoon Guesthouse. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Wingsu guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Umpadhi Canggu. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Top hotels in Jimbaran

Located south of Ngurah Rai worldwide Airport. It is likewise a little fishing village as well as beach town however with calm waters. It uses some peace as well as peaceful to those who would like to getaway from the hustle-and-bustle of the primary vacationer roads. This area is understood for the seafood restaurants lining its coast.

Bali Paragon resort Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Trumbu Nusa. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

OYO 474 Tirai Bambu Jimbaran. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Lowcost Bed & Breakfast. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Vivaldi @ Jimbaran. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Villa Puri Royan. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Top hotels in Uluwatu

These southernmost coastal towns are rising vacationer hubs. Uluwatu accommodations variety from budget plan to luxury, while Nusa Dua has a great number of five-star resorts.

Pandawa hill Resort. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Tom’s Inn Pecatu. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Villa Sudut. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Puri Hasu Bali. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Pandawa beach Homestay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Kutuh Manak guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Top hotels in Nusa Dua

Avisara rental property as well as guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Frangipani Homestay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Kubu garden guest House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Terrace Bali Inn. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Puri Clinton Bali Homestay. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Mahogany Hotel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Top hotels in Nusa Penida

If you are not truly into nightlife as well as just want to getaway to the islands, you can opt to book your lodging in a hotel on one of the southeast islands. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, as well as Nusa Ceningan reward you with a tranquil as well as picturesque backdrop as you explore.

Ayu hill Bungalows. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Mount Sea view Bungalow. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Bintang Penida Resort. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Acala Hostel. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Kubu Artha Bungalow Nusa Penida. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Puri Ratu Penida. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Top hotels in Nusa Lembongan

Pemedal beach Resort. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Jenggala Hill. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Seaweed Guesthouse Lembongan. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Dinatah Lembongan Villas. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Naturale Villas. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Songlambung beach Huts. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Top hotels in Nusa Ceningan

The Bridge Huts. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Double’A beach House. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

The Pandawa Hills Ceningan. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Ocean siblings Ceningan. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Tatak Bunut rental property Ceningan. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

Jennys location Ceningan. inspect rates & Availability! ✅

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