In Pictures: Vayang Rolling Hills, Batanes, Philippines

The wind was both a pal and a bully.

The skies made its dominance felt by sending strong winds that whistled as they swept the landscape, making the grass and hedgerows bow down in submission. If I were in something looser, the northeast monsoon (amihan) would have probably taken me with it, too.

The place is called Vayang. The slopes of the rolling hills rise and dive gently, forming a crumpled terrain that is covered by grass, a food and rest sanctuary for cows, goats, and water buffalos. Embracing the splashes from the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), Vayang Rolling Hills overlooks Chadpidan Beach, the boulder-filled western coast of Batan Island.

Farmers take their cattle to the rolling hills to let them graze.
Vayang Rolling Hills offers a terrific view of Chadpidan Boulder Beach.

Cows resting on the hillcrest.
The Rolling Hills faces the West Philippine Sea.
View of Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills from Vayang.
Vayang Rolling Hills is a favorite grazing spot for many animals including cows and goats.
A farmer leading his carabao (water buffalo) out of the site.
How to get there: Vayang Rolling Hills can be reached by bike, motorcycle, or tricycle from Basco airport or Basco town Proper. A tricycle tour of Batan Island North (P1000/trip) makes a stop here.

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