Tunxi, China: checking out The ancient village

showing up in the ancient town of Tunxi was a breath of fresh air, literally! Backpacking in China can trying at times. Beijing as well as Shanghai are massive, polluted cities with populations of around 20 million people.  Tunxi is much smaller as well as has less than 100,000 people living there…it truly felt like there was nobody around.

Located at the junction of the Heng as well as Xin’an Rivers, we had made a decision to find to this delightful town very first before making our method to the historical village of Hongcun, which is a world Heritage Site. What a excellent budget plan backpacker destination! The old town of Tunxi is absolutely stunning.  It has a extremely ancient Chinese feel with lovely design as well as cobblestoned streets.  even though lots of of the streets are lined with mementos as well as Chinese day-tripping excursions stop in for a few hours, we still handled to slip into some side alleyways away from the commotion to see locals going about their day.  We ate fantastic Hui cuisine, wandered the streets, gotten some mementos for household back house as well as walked along the river.  It was great to have some down time.

one of the lots of great backstreets in Tunxi’s Old Town, China

Nick walking down an alleyway in Tunxi, China
Beautiful Chinese architecture, Tunxi, China

The streets of the old town, just outside of our hostel. Tunxi, China
During our 3.5 weeks in China, we had great deals to believe about.  Our 1.5 year trip was (sadly) pertaining to an end.  We had to begin believing about what we must make with our lives.  We understood what we wished to do (travel) however weren’t sure precisely exactly how to sustain that dream.  Our minds were swirling with thoughts as well as ideas:

Should we just go to Canada, make a great income as well as save for one more trip?  Should we dip into our cost savings as well as continue travelling?  Should we get a guesthouse as well as if so, where?  Or, must we do what society suggests we do at our age:  have a great career, get a house, get married as well as have children…which doesn’t noise almost as appealing!

After volunteering in Hsipaw, Myanmar, we had been seriously thinking about ending up being ESL teachers.  We had seen an “English instructor Wanted” ad in one of the hostels as well as made a decision to provide it a call.  Even though we don’t have a CELTA or a TESOL, or a university degree in anything, the institution that had published the ad was still extremely thinking about us as well as used us the job.  This provided us the motivation to begin sending out our resumes to other prospective schools.

We sent our details out on a Saturday as well as by Monday, the email box was full as well as the cell phone was ringing off the hook.  Although the details of these contracts weren’t precisely what we were looking for, it just goes to show exactly how simple it is to get an English mentor task in China.

Our time in China was unwinding as well as it was appearing like we may have to go back to Canada as well as work some 9-5 job.  however alas, after 2 days in Tunxi, we got a phone phone call from an agent who was truly thinking about us, as well as us thinking about the contract he was offering!  We were very, extremely skeptical (of course) however after doing some much-needed due diligence, it appeared like it was a legit offer, as well as we accepted it.

Our lives went from travelling in Tunxi as well as potentially returning house in a week to begin work, to going house in a week for a see as well as moving to China for a year.  It was a significant relief to understand what the near future held for us.  even though we were loving the time spent travelling with China, there were always some worries, stresses as well as uncertainties lingering in the back of our minds.  But now we might both breathe a sigh of relief as well as look ahead to the future.  We were both ecstatic about the see home, however absolutely wouldn’t have been looking ahead to costs one more year or a lot more working in Canada.  We requirement to be travelling, it’s what we love!

Brightly coloured umbrellas for sale. Old Town, Tunxi, China
Dariece having her photo taken with regional women, as usual!

Nick enjoying a celebratory beer, Tunxi, China
The night we signed the contract, we went out for celebratory beers as well as a great meal.  considering that we were back as well as forth with the agent as well as the school, we needed to be near a computer/printer/scanner in buy to indication whatever as well as send it off.  We didn’t end up making it to Hongcun, which is ok, we had great deals on our minds.  Plus, now that we would be living in China, we might go there any type of time.  After 5 life-altering days in Tunxi, we packed up our backpacks as well as made our method to the bus station.  We were on our method back to Shanghai.

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