How to get from CLARK flight terminal to MANILA: The simplest method (P2P Bus)

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One of the primary reasons why numerous Metro Manila residents are hesitant to book flights to or from Clark flight terminal is the restricted accessibility. For the longest time, travelers coming from the funding will have to take a bus as well as one more transfer to reach Clark. When bus business began providing bus services to Clark, there were only a few trips per day.

But Metro Manila’s congestion issue worsens every day. Its only industrial aviation gateway, the Ninoy Aquino worldwide Airport, is plagued with delays. as well as its road web traffic is ending up being a everyday headache that those living in the northern areas would rather travel to Pampanga than take on the “carmageddon” to the south. Clark is ending up being a much more appealing option.

Thank heavens for the premium (Point-to-Point) P2P Bus Service, operated by Genesis Transport. Yes, it’s pricier than the routine bus, however it’s clean as well as spacious. There are totally free wifi, useful staff, as well as fewer stops! You can quickly travel to Clark from NAIA terminal 3, Robinsons Galleria (Ortigas), or Trinoma.

✅ much more information here: P2P BUS routine as well as FARES

But exactly how about the other method around? exactly how do you travel to Manila from Clark Airport? It’s rather easy. Here’s how:

1. go to the P2P Bus Stop.

It’s found best in front of the Arrival area of Clark Airport. You can see it as soon as you exit the Arrival area. There’s a waiting shed along a perpendicular street. That’s where you ought to go. It ought to be on the trip side of the quick food restaurants in front of you. You understand you’re at the best area when you see the P2P Bus indication (pic below).

2. discover your bus.

If there is no bus yet, wait a bit bit. There are typically two buses: one going to Trinoma as well as the other to NAIA 3.

The bus going to Trinoma will stop at the following:

DOTR office & Clark Center

SM Clark transfer Hub

Trinoma/North EDSA. final STOP.

The one going to NAIA 3 will likewise make a stop at the following:

DOTR office & Clark Center

SM Clark transfer Hub

Ortigas. Near Robinsons Galleria, EDSA.

NAIA terminal 1. At the departure curbside.

NAIA terminal 2. Bay 20 Arrival.

NAIA terminal 3. Bay 14 Arrival. final STOP.

Note: There utilized to be a pick up as well as decrease off point at Resorts world Manila. however not anymore. Instead, you can take the pathway bridge that links Resorts world Manila to NAIA terminal 3.

Our NAIA-bound Bus likewise made a stop at Trinoma though. I’m not sure if they do everything the time or it’s a one-time thing. however it did.

If you have huge bags, let the personnel understand so they can tons them to the bottom compartment for you.

3. Board as well as pay!

The fares as of October 2018 are noted below:

Clark to Trinoma/North EDSA: P250
Clark to Ortigas: P250
Clark to NAIA3: P350

The conductor will be providing you the ticket as well as collecting the charges on the way.

Travel time: It varies depending upon traffic. To be safe, allocate 3-4 hours. based on experience, the overall travel time is around 2.5 hours. note that this was on a weekday late afternoon/early evening. We left Clark flight terminal at 4pm, stopped at Trinoma at 5:47pm, as well as reached Resorts world Manila at 6:25pm. I’m sure it will be much longer if it were in the morning.

Here are the schedules:

Clark flight terminal to NAIA through Ortigas

Clark flight terminal to Trinoma or North EDSA

Important Notes:

If your destination is NAIA 3 to transfer to one more flight, please note that on top of the 3-4-hour travel time, enable 2 much more hours for the check-in process for domestic flights as well as at least 3 much more hours for worldwide flights. Manila web traffic is truly bad, as well as the last thing you want is to miss your next flight. keep this in mind before booking your flight.

They seem to not comply with the timetable as strictly as they should. one of our visitors shared that in his experience, the very first bus left Trinoma at 5:40am, not 4am. So please have lots of lead time before your flight. If your flight is in the early morning as well as you don’t have a ride, think about costs a night in Clark for great measure. We’ve been trying to reach Genesis to clear up their routine however no reaction from them up until now.

These buses will NOT stop to pick up or decrease off passengers at any type of location other than the designated spots. Do not try to alight elsewhere.

This publish was last updated in November 2018. always get in touch with Genesis transfer before your trip to get their newest timetable.

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