5 stunning beaches in PANGLAO ISLAND, BOHOL

What occurs when you put eight overworked business slaves together on one beach? Riot, maybe. however not when you’re us. in that case, well, nothing much. just a peaceful time lazing on the sand as well as feeling all emo while watching the waves.

Two days of touring left us totally drained out of energy. For our third day, our original plan was to go to Danao experience Park, an experience destination in Bohol, for some ziplining, kayaking as well as trekking. however our very first two days in Bohol proved to be extremely exhausting so we decided to just stay as well as spend the day relaxing at the beach.

Panglao Island is skimmed with a number of white beaches. found near the southwestern tip of the primary island of Bohol, Panglao is linked to Tagbilaran City by a bridge. It comprises two municipalities — Dauis as well as Panglao, both cradling stretches of coral white sand. right here are six of them:


1. Alona Beach
2. Bagobo Beach
3. Danao Beach
4. Bolod Beach
5. Doljo Beach
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1. Alona Beach

A six-legged sea star. I don’t understand what to phone call their limbs actually.
Located in Barangay Tawala, Alona beach is most likely the most established beach in Panglao, if not in Bohol. many beachfront restaurants as well as resorts in Panglao stand on this beach. Alona is a kilometer as well as a half long, bookended by rocky cliffs. just 40 minutes away from the city center of Tagbilaran, it can quickly be reached by tricycle.

2. Bagobo Beach

Nestled in Barangay Libaong, Bagobo beach faces Arco Point, a prominent diving spot, separated by a extremely shallow water. likewise called “Hole in the Wall,” Arco point is an underwater opening that is inhabited by a diverse array of marine wildlife including Raggy Scorpion Fish, Cardinal Fish, as well as types of eels, wrasse, groupers as well as butterfly fishes. The berm of this beach is rather pebbly as well as rough however when you walk past it, you will be greeted by the finest sand you’ll ever touch, which looks more like chalk or cornstarch.

Bagobo Beach
The shallow, grassy, however fine fine beach of Bagobo
See exactly how fine that sand is?

3. Danao Beach

Fringing the shoreline of Barangay Danao, this beach lies next to Alona. a few of the resorts right here include Alumbung Resort, Kalipayan beach Resort, Bita-ug beach Resort, and Bohol Sea Resort.

4. Bolod Beach

Like Alona, Bolod beach is a white strip running one as well as a half kilometers along the shoreline of Panglao. The famous Bohol beach Club is found here. Bolod can get as well congested particularly during peak season.

My buddies playing at the beach!

5. Doljo Beach

While the seabed of Bagobo as well as Bolod is patched with seagrass, Doljo beach takes pride in its crystal remove water. It is likewise within proximity to Doljo point as well as Doljo home Reef, which are spectacular diving sites just off the coastline of Panglao.

Other stretches of white sand in Panglao include Momo beach as well as Batya Beach.

Beach-hopping was all we did the entire day. It was the most relaxing day of our lives.

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