Back Home, however believing Ahead…

We returned house to Canada on December 5th as well as we’ve been travelling ever since! someday we’d like to return house as well as really feel like house is a vacation from travelling, however this time, we’re travelling more at house than we were on the road! We have household around western Canada as well as while it’s been a blast seeing everyone, it has been tiring as well as we haven’t had much time to show on the incredible journey we just had.

We believed that we should compose a quick article as well as let everybody understand what the plan is for the new year. Well, even though our plan is to never plan, there’s always something somewhere on the horizon for us. We’ve locked in our very first home sitting gig which starts on April 3rd as well as will go up until June, 9th as well as it’s on a stunning island in the Caribbean (still not stating where!).

We didn’t want to stay in Canada for 3 months, so we booked a flight down to Cancun, Mexico…we leave tomorrow! We’re truly not sure what we’re going to do from there, however we are definitely looking ahead to a long time on the beach. We absolutely liked the intrepid, active, as well as adventurous 5 months we spent in central Asia, however we haven’t seen a beach for almost 2 years so we’re dying to hop into the sea!

We’re trying out a new type of travel with an lodging booking website called AirBnB. After Cancun, we plan to lease an apartment in the funky, colonial city of Merida.

After Merida, we’re not sure what we’re going to do. We may head down into Guatemala, Honduras as well as Belize, or we may just stay in the Yucatan Peninsula as well as lease a couple more apartments in different cities. We’d like to try a few of the choices that AirBnB has to offer, like shared apartments, personal apartments as well as bed & breakfasts. We’re looking ahead to living like a local!

We’re really looking for ideas, so if anyone has travelled with southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras or Belize, please provide us some concepts on locations to stay as well as things to see. You can leave a comment below as well as tell us about your favourite pit stops.

Enjoying Gas town in Vancouver with friends

For now, we’re at home, enjoying the business of household as well as friends, however soon we’ll be on a flight to Mexico where a whole new experience will begin. We can’t wait to taste authentic Mexican cuisine as well as try living like a regional in different cities. We’re likewise going to attempt to discover off-the-beaten-path adventures in one of the most touristy areas on Earth.

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