Travelling from Koh Phangan to Kuala Lumpur

After enjoying all of the remarkable things to perform in Koh Phangan, it was time to leave. It was a extremely long travel day getting from Koh Phangan in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We made a decision that in buy for you people to truly comprehend a normal travel day for Goats On The Road, we must make a video. inspect it out!

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Things To perform in Pai

We spent 4 days shopping, eating as well as walking around markets in one of our much-loved cities, Kuala Lumpur. We like coming back right here as well as always have a excellent time.

shopping area in KL

on the ‘Rodeo Drive’ of Kuala Lumpur
Nick at a large advertisement downtown KL

foods in Malaysia – shrimps, mangosteen, jungle fruit, meat curry as well as fish curry
We took the monorail from downtown area to the bus station, then a bus to the airport. We flew out of Kuala Lumpur on a normal (and maddening) Air Asia flight that departed at 5:30am. considering that we needed to be at the flight terminal 3 hours before the flight, we just made a decision to sleep in the airport, again.

I assumption that’s why the flights we always take are on ‘promo’, nobody else will get them since of the departure time! We went to the airport, made ourselves a great bit bed on the floor, as well as went to sleep around midnight.

Goats On The road getting prepared to go to the airport
us on the bus to the KL airport

sleeping at the KL Airport
At 12:30 an statement came on that they were going to spray the flight terminal with a “toxic spray” so everybody need to leave. Are you kidding me? I bet they do this like when every 2 years or something. We left the airport, sat outside, got no sleep as well as were enabled back in at 3:30am (hoping that 3 hours was sufficient time for the toxins to remove out) as well as were just in time for check-in.

We handled to get a 1/2 hour of sleep after the safety check, however that was it. The flight was fine, we slept for a bit as well as shown up at the Clark flight terminal about 4 hours later. Clark is outside of the funding City of Manila (where we wished to be) so we took a one hour bus trip to our preferred destination…another drawback of the discount flight!

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