CURRY WITH A VIEW, PISCO WITH style as well as A PIZZA recipe TO die FOR

It’s been one of those week’s right here are romance HQ. A week that’s seemed to go on for ever as well as yet disappeared in a heartbeat. As I was looking back with the pictures for this week’s IG Edition, I got a bit confused since I was sure that a few of the pictures were for a different week.

In a way, it’s type of applauded me up since I believed that not much had occurred this week! one of those unusual events when I’m delighted to be proven wrong.

Anyway, we hope you’ve had a charming weekend as well as this week’s looking good. Here’s our most current IG Edition.

The skies over Sydney have been nothing short of odd this month so far. Winter’s truly brought on some freakish clouds. rather delighted with this sky though. extremely Ghostbusters.

I can’t believe of a much better method to begin the week than with a curry. as well as even a lot more so when you have the best storm of a curry happen:

– We’re catching up with our mate Rah from and her fella, which has been on the cards for method as well long.
– The curry’s exceptional – the beef vindaloo’s got a great hard-to-find kick to it.
– The restaurant is a hidden gem with million-dollar views.

This table of delights is in North Sydney in a bit location called the Harbourview Indian Restaurant. as well as here’s why:

That’s right, this is the view from one of the few tables offered in this bit place. thanks to Google Streetview, you can essentially walk ideal with the Harbourview as well as inspect out the scenery. Not bad, is it?

Well worth a go to if you’re into your Indian fair. The food’s great, the service is friendly, it’s a bit expensive, however with views such as this you can’t truly blame them!

On the method home, the obligatory Harbour Bridge, Opera home as well as city night shot has to happen. particularly when it’s as quite as this. just also really: we’ve missed our ferry by minutes as well as the next one’s not for one more 35. delighted the curry’s still keeping us great as well as warm.

Tonight we’re back north of the harbour in Neutral Bay. We’re inspecting out the food as well as drinks at La Puerta. This location is a family-run South American restaurant with some exceptional food on offer.

The head chef as well as owner Oscar as well as his spouse Catherine have brought a few of the very best food over from their homeland of Colombia, plus they’re sharing their understanding of neighbouring countries’ cuisines too. Peruvian, Brazilian, Argentinian, Mexican… as well as whatever we’ve tried right here has been superb.

Make sure you get to La Puerta as soon as you can.

Especially as this month is the Month of Pisco. Pisco is a spirit from Peru (and likewise Chile) that has truly taken off in Australia recently. La Puerta as well as a few other venues have taken the chance of the Month of Pisco to showcase a few of their much-loved cocktails.

This is La Puerta’s signature El Capitan pisco cocktail. It goes beautifully with the spicy chilli dishes we’re eating, as well as is light as well as refreshing. extremely pleasing!

This evening, Mrs romance has coerced me into making these pizza scrolls. It took a great deal of arm-twisting (about 3 seconds’ worth) as well as convincing (“Make these.” “Ok.”). The results were pleasing. The longevity was unfortunately disappointing though. Yes, they’re all gone now.

This is a recipe Mrs R identified on that you must most likely inspect out. They’re absolutely delicious!

What a method to end the week! This rainbow has just appeared as if from nowhere. It type of made us jump – thankfully, Mrs R jumped up with my phone to take this shot. It truly has been a week of unusual as well as gorgeous skies in Sydney.

This week’s travel recap

Each week we go back in time over a few of our much-loved travel destinations utilizing never-before-seen pictures of our travels. Here’s where we’ve been looking back on this week.

Buffet is a French word indicating ‘to pig out’. They developed it as well as it’s their fault. However, the Italians have grasped the crafting of a buffet, as you can see here. This was at our friends’ wedding event reception in Tuscany. This spread was just the pre-dinner snack. after this we staggered into the castello’s courtyard for an evening of eating as well as drinking bliss.

Oh, as well as see that guy standing at the end? He’s the prosciutto slicer. Yes, a devoted prosciutto slicer. as well as rightly so. Behind that tuft of lawn on the table is a whole leg of wild boar prosciutto – Tuscany’s speciality dish. You see, all regions of Italy have their own speciality. The prosciutto in Tuscany is sweeter as well as a lot more delicate as well as delicious than anywhere else in the country.

The architectural historical river cruise along the Chicago River is one of the very best things you can perform in the windy City. I truly wasn’t sure it’dbe any type of great – neither of us were. however when all the locals as well as the most trusted people of all – our hotel concierge – told us to do it, we went for it.

Especially if you’ve only got a couple of days right here in one of my absolute much-loved American cities, make sure you get on this. It’s interesting as well as provides a excellent angle as well as point of view of this incredible town.

Here’s our evaluation of the river cruise plus if you want to see what else we’ve got to state about Chicago, here’s a link to our Chicago archives.

The island of Capri just off the coastline of Naples is absolutely stunning. With so lots of gorgeous locations to go in Italy, it’s difficult to select a favourite. However, our memories of the time we spent right here make Capri one of the best.

I indicate look at this view from one of the gorgeous hotels along the shoreline here. Stunning.

For a lot more on what we did in Capri, inspect out our publish on the best day in paradise.

The dolphins of Monkey Mia, Western Australia are understood to have lived right here for decades. When this area was hectic as a port industry, the pod hung close to the shore as well as made buddies with the new locals. now it’s a marine reserve as well as a location where visitors can come as well as see these fantastic creatures close up.

However, you’re alerted not to get as well close. If you’re not being guided by the park ranger who assists feed the dolphins, stay well back as well as don’t be lured to touch.

We saw a woman not enjoy where the dolphin was swimming as well as get sideswiped by the cheeky chap’s muscular tail. The exact same lady tried to stroke the dolphin, which then tried to bite her! At the end of the day you’ve got to keep in mind these are still wild animals with a true sense of mischief as well as humour.

One of the most fantastic experiences you’ll ever have is getting close to these beautiful, extremely intelligent creatures.

Mrs romance has all the luck. On a work trip to the Whitsundays she was treated to a helicopter trip over the coastline – a few of the most beautiful, remarkable as well as Instagrammable beaches as well as islands in the world. Meanwhile, I was stuck at home… no, I don’t believe I’ll ever let this go. I’m a extremely jealous person!

The bright colours of Burano, north of Venice warm the heart. This bit island town never utilized to have street numbers, so the locals made their houses discernible by painting each one a different colour.

Notice also the shoddy rooftop balcony they’ve built here. This is famous to Venice. lots of of the bit townhouses throughout the city have these odd as well as hazardous looking structures balanced on their roofs.

The food in Thailand is always a enjoyment to discover as well as devour. There’s so much range, such extraordinary balance of flavours as well as the extraordinary ingenuity of the streethawkers selling their food from bit sidecars connected to 50CC motorbikes… it makes my mouth water as well as my heart yearn to be back right here in this mysterious country.

We hope you’ve took pleasure in this week’s IG Edition. now it’s your turn; tell us exactly how your week’s been as well as what you’ve been up to!

Images by Mr as well as Mrs romance by means of Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance, @Christina.Butcher – Mrs R’s Insta account as well as @AngryBastard of course!

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