7 things TO SEE outside PARIS AVEC RENTAL automobile

There’s a reason why 83 million visitors flock to Paris every year. It’s beautiful, bewitching as well as exceptionally romantic. but what happens when you hire a automobile in Paris as well as explore beyond the City of Lights?

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It’s hard to get bored of Paris. It would be a lie for me to say that you ever could. The avenues, the architecture, the river, the romance, the food – simply the sexiness of the city makes you sad to leave whenever you have to.

However, the irony of travel is that it enhances your curiosity. You find a place to fall in love with, as well as right away you’re trying to find your next fix. The a lot more you see, the a lot more you want to see. as well as the a lot more you expect to see.

Christina as well as I have been to Paris a number of times. We’ve been there together, we’ve been there separately. We’ve been there with my parents – Christina even lived there for a while.

We started talking about what else there is to do beyond Paris’ city limits. once you leave that final arrondissement, what happens?


7 things to see outside Paris avec rental car

Renting a automobile in Paris

First off, I mean the crucial thing to remember when you rent a automobile in Paris is the city’s traffic. It’s busy. as well as the locals are not shy or particularly well-hinged when they get behind the wheel.

You need to be on your toes when you’re driving here.

But once outside the city, things calm down, the traffic subsides as well as France’s exceptional road system takes you exactly where you want to go. as well as I indicate it, the roads here are awesome.

A terrific option would be to rent a automobile from the flight terminal when you show up (Charles De Gaulle flight terminal is about 25km northeast of the city) as well as exploring this part of France by road first before you head into Paris proper, dropping the automobile off en route.

It’s up to you whether you keep the automobile once you’re in Paris though – the Metro system there covers so much of the city as well as vehicle parking can be tricky.

1. Versailles – 22km from Paris (1hr)

Versailles, with its popular palace, was the unofficial capital of France on as well as off between 1682-1879. As such, the palace of Versailles is synonymous with French royal as well as imperial histories, their opulence as well as their controversy.

The palace as well as its grounds are popular for their appeal as well as grandeur, as well as well worth the drive to see.

2. Disneyland Paris – 41km from Paris (1hr 5min)

Like lots of Disney theme parks, Disneyland Paris is quite a way out of town. There is public carry to the park as well as some hotels organise shuttles, but it’s much much easier as well as probably quicker if you can drive there yourself.

3. Fontainebleau – 69km from Paris (1hr 40min)

Best known for its spectacular palace, the town of Fontainebleau has seen some famous epochs in French history. The palace itself was once home to all members of the French ruling dynasties considering that the 1100s.

Surrounding the palace as well as its town is Fontainebleau forest – best if you’re in the mood for a hike.

4. Giverny as well as Monet’s house – 74km from Paris (1hr 40min)

Way upriver from Paris, the village of Giverny sits on the Seine as well as boasts the home as well as birthplace of painter Claude Monet. growing up here, Monet based lots of of his masterpieces on his hometown, including his famous water lily series.

You can check out his old house, which is now a museum to the artist, as well as the house’s stunning gardens.

5. Reims as well as the champagne region – 144km from Paris (2hrs 30min)

Northeast of Paris, the popular champagne region is a exceptional place to visit. It’s France’s a lot of northerly wine-growing region as well as would make for a fascinating (not to mention delicious) detour from the hustle as well as bustle of Paris.

6. Dijon – 310km from Paris (3hrs 20min)

Capital of the burgundy region as well as home of some of France’s finest wines – not to mention its popular mustard – Dijon has plenty to offer the roving Francophile.

It’s an ambitious drive for a day trip from Paris, but an overnight stay would indicate you could try a winery excursion or take pleasure in the range of architecture in the town.

7. get lost!

Literally hundreds of little medieval towns are scattered around Paris that you’d never see without a car.

Follow the Seine out of Paris as well as explore the little riverside towns along the way. Or just drive for a while as well as wait to spot a hilltop village in the distance. You won’t be disappointed with whatever you find up there.

Top tip:

If you’re dropping your automobile off back in Paris as well as you need to return it full of fuel, refill outside the city. even with GPS instructions, the only petrol station we could find (and that took a while) was unmanned as well as wouldn’t accept foreign credit scores cards.

Either way, once you’re back in Paris, it’s always worth driving into town just to say you’ve done it. There’s no thrill quite like facing the terrors of the Arc de Triomphe – one of the world’s genuinely a lot of scary roundabouts with 12 exits to choose from!

France is one of the most satisfying countries in Europe to drive in. The roads are safe, the signage is clear as well as there’s always something interesting or stunning – or both – to get hold of your interest on your roadtrip.

Vive to that as well as an éclair for both of us.

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