Bacon as well as alcohol. On their own, they’re terrific things – as excellent as was the gift of terminate to us puny humans. however the Experimental Spirits business have integrated these two mystical components into a single entity – Bacon Bourbon.

I don’t understand about you however I’d never heard of bacon bourbon before, so I was extremely ecstatic to try this amalgamation of two individually exceptional products.

The result is tasty – as you’d expect! The infusion process makes the bourbon truly smooth as well as the bacon flavour isn’t overpowering. instead it provides the drink a salty, smoky flavour, as well as there’s a sweetness too. I was extremely impressed.

The method it’s done is with a process called fat washing, which doesn’t noise extremely nice, does it? however it’s not that bad. You can even do it at house by rendering some bacon fat, mixing it with your bourbon of option then refrigerating it.

The fat solidifies at the top of the jar however the alcohol – now tasting of bacon – is still liquid. break with the fat ‘plug’, strain the bourbon as well as hi presto!

This stuff is a bit a lot more advanced than that though. The Experimental Spirits Co utilize 350g of bacon in every bottle, as well as the process they utilize is stated to be very laborious. however it’s worth it.

Sven Almenning started up the Experimental Spirits Co to bring something different to bars’ top shelves.

Making his own designer spirits likewise provide Almenning’s bars a special line of home pours. You see, he’s likewise the owner of Eau de Vie, Eau de Vie Apothecary as well as The Roosevelt right here in Sydney, as well as Eau de Vie in Melbourne too.

If you’re in the market for a drink at the very best mixed drink bars in the country, head to any type of one of these venues. You won’t be disappointed.

This is the last of our Bacon Bourbon mixed drink series (for now), so I believed I’d try something a bit different:

Little Pig, bit Pig

Here’s what you need:

?  2x Bacon Bourbon
?  1x Aperol
?  Dash of lemon juice
?  Apple slice on a stay with garnish

Here’s what you do:

1.  Stir components over ice in a shaker.
2.  Pour into a tumbler glass as well as garnish with an apple slice.

The concept of infusing flavours into alcohol has been around considering that the very first moonshine. Some processes are exceptionally complex, others are simple – take our dishwasher vodka recipe for example!

I’m absolutely going to try this fat laundry infusion process at house though. I indicate what’s the worst that can happen? I get to eat a whole tons of bacon I’ve just cooked! What a tragedy!

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Do you have an concept for a mixed drink utilizing this tasty spirit? What do you believe of our bit Pig, bit Pig? exactly how much do you like bacon? tell us in the comments!

Images by Mrs Romance.

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