Community Based tourism In Kyrgyzstan (CBT/Shepherd’s Life)

Kyrgyzstan sits in central Asia, one of the world’s final fantastic travel frontiers. people who plan to go to the country have visions of challenging transport, visa hassle, language barriers as well as all the things that generally include intrepid travel.

CBT (Community Based Tourism) is a business who works extremely difficult at building a sustainable bridge between foreign visitors as well as regional culture, as well as they have done a great job. In few countries can you peer into the regional method of life with such clarity. CBT’s authentic house stays, yurt stays as well as village to village treks guarantee that travellers experience the question that is Kyrgyzstan without the barriers that frequently separate us from the native communities.

CBT office In Karakol
There are 16 CBT offices around Kyrgyzstan that can offer anything from equine treks as well as house stays to cultural shows as well as equine games. If you’re travelling in Kyrgyzstan, you’ll likely discover a CBT office in practically every town you visit. CBT is the most prominent neighborhood based job in Kyrgyzstan however they are not the only one as well as debatably, they are not the best.

Shepherd’s Life office In Kochkor
Shepherd’s Life is one more business who can organize numerous of the exact same treks, house stays as well as people shows as CBT. Although the Lonely world speaks higher of CBT, in our experience, Shepherd’s Life provides travellers much better choices as well as a much better breakdown of costs. They likewise offer their tours, treks as well as house stays at a much lower expense with somewhat much better service.

Don’t disregard Shepherd’s Life, particularly if you are in Kochkor, where Ainura can set you up with whatever you need. Ainura is one of the most honest, as well as forthcoming trip operators we’ve ever had the enjoyment of doing company with. even returning our money, without question, when we discovered our own trip out of Song-Kol, instead of taking our pre-paid taxi.

Organizing Treks Is simple With Shepherd’s Life
The finest method to travel around Kyrgyzstan is to look for offices of these two neighborhood based jobs as well as plan trips with them. You can equine trip for less than $50/person/day including guide, food as well as lodging as well as you can trip on foot for far less. You can stay with regional families, taste regional dishes as well as get a genuine feel for Kyrgyzstan culture, without ever breaking your budget.

Try tasty Home-cooked Food with CBT & Shepherd’s Life Homestays
The finest part of these jobs is that they are both neighborhood driven as well as they do wonders for the regional economies. 85% of all money spent goes directly to the drivers, guides, as well as homeowners you hire. CBT in Arslanbob alone, brought almost 1,000,000 som ($20,490) to the locals they employ, in addition to adequate funding for the village Mosque’s renovations.

Ascott, A guide who Is happily Employed By CBT & Shepherd’s Life
We are not typically people who delight in taking tours, however CBT as well as Shepherd’s Life don’t organize tours, they organize an authentic looking-glass that enables travellers to see the Kyrgyz people for who they are as well as experience their life of what it is. You can select to have a guide for yourself, or join a larger group. We always guarantee our guides speak English, as well as we take our own guide unless we already understand the people we are doing the trip with. having your own guide provides you important insight into the regional method of life as well as frequently a much-needed translator.

A regional household In Arslanbob
These neighborhood based jobs are just getting started as well as every year they broaden to new destinations as well as offer backpackers new activities. You can do whatever from hunting to horseback riding as well as trekking to white water rafting. We don’t like to be insistent as well as say: “You Must…”, however in this case, if you miss out on CBT as well as Shepherd’s Life, then you will be missing out on a huge piece of Kyrgyzstan.

Yurts At Song-Kol
Below Is A listing Of All The CBT places In Kyrgyzstan:


phone:  ++996 773 342476 (mobile)



280 Kurmanjan Datka St. (2nd floor, hotel “Alay”), Osh Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

phone: ++996 3222 20276, ++ 996 555 077621


CBT Bokonbaevo:

Bokonbaevo Village, Yssyk-Kol Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

phone: ++996 777 970767 (mobile)



#3, 20 Toktogula St., Jalalabat town, Jalalabat Oblast, KyrgyzstanPhone: ++ 996 3722 21962, ++ 996 772 376602 (Mobile)



36, bekten st., kazarman village, jalalabat oblast, kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 3738 41253, ++ 996 777 224063 (Mobile)


MRS. Bujamal Arykmoldoeva, Coordinator


#20, 123 abdrakhmanova st., karakol town, yssyk-kol oblast, kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 3922 55000, ++ 996 555 150795 (Mobile)



Phone: ++ 996 770 16 91 64 (Mobile)



22a pionerskaya st., kochkor village, naryn oblast, kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 3535 51114, ++ 996 777 265559 (Mobile)



Kyzyl-oi village, chui oblast, kyrgyzstan

Phone: +996 312 46 47 85, + 996 555 41 78 47 (Mobile)



Coordinator: ms.nurgyl

Tel: +996 779 788954



#8, 33 Lenin St., Naryn Town, Naryn Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 3522 50865, ++ 996 779 56 76 85

FAX: ++ 996 3522 50865



Osh City, Osh Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 772 574940 (Mobile)



9, Bapakova ST., Karool-Dobo Village, Kemin Region, Chuy Oblast, Kyrgyzstanphone

++ 996 312 540069, 443331, ++ 996 772 832065 (Mobile)



Sary-Mogol Village, Alay Region, Osh Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 312 540069, 443331



76 KASYM Kayimov (Yuzhnaya) S, Talas Town, Talas Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 3422 52919, ++ 996 772 643466 (Mobile)



55 manasa st., tamchy village, yssyk-kol oblast, kyrgyzstan

Phone: ++ 996 3943 21272, ++ 996 773 355611 (Mobile)

For Shepherd’s life, get in touch with ainura:

Kyrgyzstan, Kochkor Village, PionERSkya ST.

(+996) 0777 01 37 47

If you have any type of concerns about CBT or Shepherd’s life, Feel Totally Free to Comment Below!

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