Planning A trip To Southeast Asia: A guide for Travellers

So, you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia. like we did, you probably have lots of questions. Where do I sleep? how much will it cost? how numerous countries can I see and how long ought to I stay in each one? Where ought to I go? how do I get there? What sights ought to I certainly not miss? Well, after travelling Southeast Asia for nearly a year and a half, we consider ourselves to be professionals on this region of the world. We love Southeast Asia!  Everyone does and you will too, but certainly a little planning can go a long way. You don’t want to over-plan your trip, you want to leave plenty of room for spontaneity, but at the same time you don’t want to go in blind and possibly miss some remarkable experiences.

Have You picked Up Your Southeast Asia guide book Yet?
We highly recommend Lonely planet as the best Southeast Asia Guidebook. We love the easy to read format and helpful suggestions found throughout this book. There’s a reason Lonely planet is the best-selling guidebook worldwide!

Beautiful Leela Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand.
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That’s why we’ve created this guide. It will help you iron out all of the details and get an idea of what you’re in for without destroying your totally free lifestyle with itineraries and routes. Southeast Asia is everything you hope for and more.

It has the beautiful beaches, the culture and the cuisine, the temples and tribes, the diving and dormitories, the train rides and trekking, the cocktails and campgrounds, the jungles and bungee jumps, the beach huts and beach bars, the raves and the resorts. It provides a traveller everything in one compact package.

But don’t make the mistake of heading to Southeast Asia on a multiple month drinking binge and find yourself going home hung-over and disappointed. There’s so much to see here that’s well off the traveler trail. We’ll help you get off the beaten trail, get into the thick of it and really see Southeast Asia of what it’s implied to be: a traveller’s paradise.

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how much will IT COST?



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