7 gift ideas TO give YOUR home A lift

everyone gets bored of the things they have in the house. but these gift ideas not only bring a fresh new look to your home, they create a whole new vibe.

If the lockdowns from Covid-19 taught us nothing else, it’s that feeling comfortable and delighted at home is a lot more crucial than we probably realised.

And it’s the details that make all the difference.

From towels to furniture, from bedding to what your home smells like, these gift ideas of stunning things for the home are best for changing things up, better for having people over or just making things that much a lot more cosy and comfortable.

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7 gift ideas for the house and Home

1. EcoSmart Manhattan 50 fire Table

Perfectly combining the design holy trinity of function, form and sustainability, EcoSmart’s spectacular Manhattan fire table sets the scene of your lounge room, balcony or garden.

Doubling up as a spacious serving area, the Manhattan fire table creates warmth, light and environment with the gentle flicker of its luxuriant flame. It’s the utmost centrepiece for your next party.

But clean lines, tactile textures, and delivering a sense of space and abundance, the Manhattan fire table is a lot more artwork than mere furniture.

Burning proprietary e-NRG bioethanol, which is a carbon-neutral fuel source, and built from concrete made with 95% recycled materials which are also 100% recyclable, EcoSmart fire tables represent a cutting edge culmination of high-end enjoyment furniture and sustainability.

$2,495 RRP

2. Mayde towels and blankets

Carefully sourced and curated by Mayde in Currumbin QLD from Australia and around the world, this collection of towels, blankets and homewares brings a sense of luxury and comfort no matter your lifestyle.

These artisanal towels and blankets are made from hand-woven yarn in the mountains of southern Turkey using 100% natural fibres – an industry in the region that dates back over 4,000 years.

Thistle Cove blanket (240cm x 220cm – kingsize)

This spectacular blanket, made from double-woven Turkish muslin, makes for an sophisticated throw, bedspread or picnic setting. Its grey contrast horizontal stripes across the light cream of the textile supplies a light, subtle accent.

$149.95 RRP

Peregian Towel – white (90cm x 170cm)

The dense yet light-weight weave of this towel coupled with the faded black strip pattern gives the Peregian Towel (named after the Sunshine coast beach) the best coastal luxe feel. also available in denim and peony colours.

$69.95 RRP

Rocky Cape Towel multicolour (100cm x 170cm)

Rich in both colour and cotton, the Rocky Cape bath towel is made with premium hand-loomed natural sustainable Buldan yarn, each delicate pinstripe of colour artfully woven by craftspeople in southern Turkey. also available in pastel.

$119.95 RRP – also available in pastel

Daintree Towel – white (100cm x 170cm)

The signature towel to the Mayde collection, the versatile Daintree Towel best as a beach towel or for the bathroom. Its thick luxuriant weave delivers that high-end hotel feel – no wonder this line is one of the most popular. also available in dusty pink, mustard, sage and chambray.

$119.95 RRP

Linear and curve hand-crafted soap dishes from 100% recycled clay

In collaboration with local ceramics master Jo Norton, Mayde have released these two stunning tactile hand-crafted soap dishes.

Jo uses 100% recycled clay, which gives the unpainted underside a swirling, marble effect. The best shower room accessory, these soap dishes create a charming rustic accent.

$39.95 each

3. Bedsmade perfectly fitted sheets

That feeling of slipping into a beautifully made hotel bed with crisp white sheets of highest quality cotton, proper hotel-style healthcare facility corners and a perfectly tucked top sheet is incomparable.

But trying to recreate that luxury at home is essentially impossible – no one really knows how they get that healthcare facility corner to look like that.

But Bedsmade – a creative manchester company in Surry Hills, Sydney – has created sheets that do all the hard work for you.

Their generous fitted bottom sheet fits any depth mattress with a strong elasticated edge. but the top sheet not only has the healthcare facility corner attached in, there’s a stitched edge to show exactly where it goes on your bed. No a lot more guessing if you’ve got the sheet in the middle!

Made with the finest quality 400 thread-count 100% organic cotton, these sheets make for the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have.

$240-$300 depending on bed size

4. Scent of Australia – Old book reed diffuser

With over 200 scents across its range, Scent Australia home understands the value of aroma, and how our sense of smell is closely connected to mood, attitude and memory.

Scent Australia Home’s Old book reed diffuser fills the room with an aroma that evokes exactly the feeling of when you’re in your much-loved armchair in the midst of a classic page-turner: calming, sophisticated, and somehow encouraging focus and relaxation at the same time.

Harnessing aromas of cucumber, bergamot, eucalyptus, artemisia, lavender, amber, sandalwood and vetiver, this diffuser fills the room with a wonderfully deep, luxe, moody fragrance.

$60 RRP

5. Oil in Kind Geo design Diffuser – White Ceramic

Founded by two Aussie friends, Steph and Phoebe, Oil in Kind is a place of kindness as much as it is vital oils and oil diffusers. Proceeds from your purchase go towards projects helping disadvantaged women and girls.

As for the ceramic diffuser, when it’s switched on, its warm light and gentle, quiet vibration action diffuser create a delightful, kicking back ambience.

When it’s off, the diffuser adds the sophistication of an understated piece of decoration to any room it’s in.

$129 RRP

6. Trudy Rice Australian flora and fauna print tea towels

Inspired by nature, crafted by Melbourne artist Trudy Rice and finished by Brunswick-based KE Homewares, whose workforce is a combination of skilled and special-needs workers, these stunning pure linen tea towels double up as sensational artworks.

Trudy uses a special printing process called solar etching that harnesses the sun’s rays to create the original printing plate rather than acids and solvents, which seems fitting considering the subject of her art.

Hakea and Silver Princess tea towels.

$39.00 RRP each

7. The plant Runner

The plant Runner – named after the founders’ mobile garden growing in their vintage truck – is a friendly horticultural hub for indoor gardeners, full of helpful gardening ideas and advice, as well as equipment to keep everything green and growing for a long time.

Booster Kit

The plant Runner booster kit, beautifully packaged and ready to wrap, is replete with a 250ml spray gun of Neem oil, a 175ml tub of soil and microbe booster, and a 100ml dropper bottle of indoor plant food. just what the green-thumbed doctor ordered.

$44.00 RRP

Hidehisha secateurs

Hand-forged from high-carbon steel, these general purpose secateurs are favourites in Japan, their country of origin. turning pruning into an art form, these horticulture scissors are the dream gift for the avid gardener.

$120.00 RRP

Large peach Oslo Planter

Available in a range of colours – medium and small – this stoneware planter and saucer are an sophisticated yet basic statement for around the home.

$42.00 RRP

Check out our other amazing gift ideas in the current edition of hint magazine – our complimentary online gift guide here:

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