TWO terrific LUNCHES, AN ARABIAN night and A NORTH shore PICNIC

Mrs romance kicks off this week with her customary run down to Sydney Harbour.

It looks like a charming day on the water this morning – especially for these kayakers… unless they’re lost or in a strong current… that wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

Anyway, I’m happier than any individual because I’m still in bed! Win!

I decide to make my signature dessert tonight: individual gluten complimentary no-bake raspberry cheesecakes. They’re very easy and don’t take much a lot more than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Here’s our resulting recipe post on my gluten-free no-bake instant cheesecakes.

We look back on our trip to Italy again this week. Our post on our vital guide to Siena is epic but very satisfying to write. It’s like being back there again when we start looking through all the images we have of our time there. It really is a special place.

This is a photo of Siena’s Piazza del Campo – the largest medieval square in the world. It’s incredible.

Mrs Romance’s mum and sister are in town. We catch up with them at the Paramount Coffee project for a spot of lunch. The coffee’s good here, but the food…

Mrs R’s sister has the Meat Waffle – a masterpiece of pulled pork, kewpie mayo (which she loves) and barbecue sauce. She says there’s a bit too much barbecue but otherwise it’s excellent.

Mrs R has a terrific looking avocado and egg on toast and her mum goes for the chicken salad.

I – on the other hand – can’t resist the Elvis in Cuba. It’s a mountain of pork loin, bacon, Swiss cheese, kimchi, pickle and an massive onion ring with kewpie mayo all on a stunning brioche type toast.

It’s delicious and epic, but I don’t really know why it’s called Elvis in Cuba. Kewpie mayo is Japanese, kimchi is Korean and I don’t think bacon, pork or Swiss cheese is Cuban… maybe that’s what Elvis would’ve eaten if he’d gone to Cuba?

By popular demand, we finally disclose the secrets behind our signature background. The heart lights are a diy craft project we managed to complete (without arguing or anything!) a while back. We love it but hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more like ours about now!

Here’s our how-to post on making your own heart lights display!

I head to our local florist, Pearsons, for some flowers for Mrs R. She’s been very well behaved recently so I think she should have a treat [flinches awaiting a slap].

As we all prepare for Valentine’s Day, so our florist is getting all his stock sorted. The place is overflowing with blooms.

Back at base, Mrs R seems pretty delighted with what I’ve chosen. I’d tell you what they are… but I failed Latin at school!

We head back to the Paramount Coffee project this afternoon for a lot more lunch and a terrific chat with the exceptionally talented Viola from

I think this is the last thing on February’s menu here that I haven’t tried for some reason – so here I go! Soft shell crab po kid with red cabbage slaw! It’s fantastic!

Tonight we head to the Hilton Sydney. Their rooftop bar – Zeta Bar – us having a media night ahead of the launch of their remarkable Arabian nights campaign.

Every Friday from 14th Feb to the end of March, Zeta Bar will be transformed into an Arabian oasis. I don’t think the camels are here to stay though!

There’s an remarkable stomach dancer here tonight as well. Zeta Bar looks extraordinary with Persian rugs everywhere, the staff in terrific costumes, the furniture is all in middle-eastern/north African style, and the food and drinks they’re using are deliciously exotic.

I think I’ll be back here Friday next week!

The cocktails really are delicious here. They’ve got things like One Thousand and One nights – Tanqueray gin, saffron infused sherry, sweet vermouth and a touch of apricot – and the Marakesh blazer – dates, Ron Zacapa rum, Don Julio Reposado tequila, Johnnie walker Gold label scotch and chocolate bitters served in a copper cup.

Very very cool!

Today we explore the world of rosé wine. It’s becoming very popular – especially over these hot Australian summer months. Mrs romance captured this remarkable shot of every last drop of Domaine de St Antoine we found in our local white wine shop.

Here’s our white wine of the Month post: rosé is the new white.

Our ampersand cushion cover from has arrived. We fell in love with it when we saw Nikki’s from so we had to have one of our own!

At the supermarket this morning, I happen to spot this. It’s a new pasta shape I haven’t heard of before. There’s something about the word ‘elbow’ that doesn’t strike me as particularly Italian. Or appetizing either!

Mrs romance and I head out for a walk through Surry Hills this afternoon. We come across Brooklyn hide bagel cafe and stop for a bite. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place, but I don’t really see the negatives as particularly fair.

My braised pork carry bagel is delicious and Mrs R’s gluten-free smoked salmon bagel is terrific too. I mean they’re a little bit expensive – especially as they’re modelled on new York bagels, which are quite cheap, but I took pleasure in mine.

After our bagels, we carry on to Redfern to a wedding fair. Yes, we’re already married but it’s interesting to see what sort of accessories and services are available for your a lot of romantic day.

We thought this photo also suited today’s He Said, She said post about how to create a romantic surprise.

We walk home again through the parks and streets of Redfern and Surry Hills. It’s a outstanding day today and this view reminds us of our time in southern California. We miss you, San Diego!

Tonight we’re round our friends’ place in Balmain. They are extraordinary hosts and their place has spectacular views of Sydney Harbour. Mrs romance settles in with a delicious Moet et Chandon rosé champagne, and I’m enjoying a terrific Howard Park riesling.

It’s hardly unusual our wine’s top notch stuff: we’re with none other than St Paul the white wine Saint. Here’s what he’s got to say in our white wine of the Month post about riesling.

We’re in recovery mode this morning. St Paul and his charming wife, Sarah, took such good care of us last night that we invoke the only thing that can pull us back to feeling human: Chinese yum cha! This is at palace Yum Cha in Pitt street and it’s pretty good.

What you can’t see here is the steamed Chinese broccoli we ordered. That’s because we asked them to take it back. When it arrived, we were shocked to see the waitress stamp the $9.95 section of our card. $9.95? For broccoli? I don’t think so.

Anyway, if you’re looking somewhere, here’s our post on where to find good yum cha in Sydney.

We catch the train to Milsons point this afternoon. We’re meeting our amazing pals and their little kid Henry. It’s just about the most best day today in Sydney. The park at Milsons point is quite busy this arvo but the views and the stunning park with its trees and closeness to the water is a terrific place to spend a Sunday.

How did you spend your Sunday? 

Images by Mr and Mrs romance by means of Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance and of course @AngryBastard!

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