Vilanculos to Nampula, Mozambique – A extremely long Hitch-Hiking Day

all of us got up at 6:00am (which would soon ended up being understood as “sleeping in”), had a quick breakfast, hoisted our backpacks over our shoulders as well as took off walking down the dirty roads as well as with the villages towards town.

We were heading to Beira as well as then ultimately Nampula. considering that the bus timetables in Mozambique are extremely unreliable as well as when we ask the locals, they each tell us a different time that a bus is supposedly leaving, all of us made a decision to do as the locals do: hitch hike. We hopped in the back of a pickup truck to take us to the primary junction where all the semi-trucks as well as other passing automobiles come with on their method North.

us in the back of a pick-up truck to take us to the junction, Vilanculos, Mozambique

Once at the junction, all of us had our jobs: Nick as well as Henry were speaking with each as well as every semi-truck motorist trying to set up a fair cost for the ride, Alice as well as I took turns enjoying the backpacks, I was in fee of stocking up on water as well as snacks for the journey as well as when needed, Alice would try to equate (she spoke a bit of Spanish which often dealt with the Portuguese speaking Mozambicans) as well as all of us took turns holding up our “Beira” indication we had constructed out of cardboard.

One semi-truck motorist had agreed to take us however we then started believing about what time we would show up in Beira…semi trucks don’t drive all that quick as well as it was nearly twelve noon by this point. So, we turned down the offer as well as kept our fingers crossed for a nice, new pick up truck to find our way.

Within minutes of turning down the previous offer, a beautiful, 2011 Nissan Navara pick up truck came screeching to a hault when he saw our sign! all of us rushed over as well as were overjoyed to discover that he was not only going to Beira, however he was going to Nampula, which was our final destination.

We promptly stated say thanks to you as well as shook hands with our new friend, Butta, as well as were so ecstatic that I don’t even believe he had a possibility to offer us a ride, we generally just stated “we’re coming with you!”

talking to semi-truck motorists to take us to Nampula, Vilanculos, Mozambique

the great new pick-up truck that would take us to Nampula, Vilanculos, Mozambique
And so began the adventure. The truck was so spacious we had great deals of space in the back, it was a smooth trip as well as whatever was perfect. Henry was navigating with his map up front as well as the three of us were in the back enjoying our snacks.

We hit our very first authorities checkstop only about an hour in…this would be the very first of 5 along the way. authorities corruption is truly poor in Mozambique as well as they pull over any individual for no reason as well as are trying to find a bribe. particularly when they see white faces in the vehicle, they promptly believe $$.

The very first stop wasn’t so bad, he just requested our passports (luckily Nick as well as I had a copy made as well as notarized in the funding city for such an occasion) so we handed him our paper copies as well as waited for him to request something. Shockingly, this cop just asked us some concerns as well as we were on our way.

We stopped only when for a quick lunch as well as then for petrol as well as other than that we were Nampula bound. about half method into the drive it ended up being evident that we weren’t going to make everything the method to Nampula in one go. We drove up until about 9:00pm that night as well as made a decision to spend the night in the extremely little town of Chaia in a extremely basic, extremely affordable hostel. We had a tasty dinner of immediate noodles as well as bread as well as called it a night. We were getting up at 3:50am the next morning to hit the road early.

where to Henrik? going from Vilanculos to Nampula, Mozambique

By day 2 of driving, we had heard the Tracy Chapman, Michael Bolton as well as Phil Collins albums about 3 times each. I believe I understand each word to “when a guy likes a woman” as well as “revolution”! Such a random choice of music the motorist played.

The second day was smooth sailing, only 4 authorities stops that time as well as we only had to provide away 2 oranges. The policemen were asking us all type of concerns about exactly how much we were paying the motorist for the trip to Nampula, where we met, etc. Butta’s story to the policemen was totally different than mine, Nick’s as well as Henry’s.

When asked what we were paying, all of us told the reality as well as even stated that we had paid for his lunch in addition to his hotel space the night before.


The policemen then desired money / a cut of what we were paying Butta for the ride. We went on as well as on about exactly how we’re all trainees as well as don’t have much money (which truly isn’t lying as Henry as well as Alice are students) as well as all we can provide is oranges. They thankfully agreed to just take the oranges as well as in a last attempt asked us for sodas.

Butta believed we were all idiots after that! He had told them we were all good friends as well as that he was providing us a trip for complimentary as well as right here we were going on as well as on about exactly how much we’re paying as well as all the additional stuff Butta is getting!

Oops, I assumption that’s just what occurs when you’re not utilized to authorities corruption as well as are put on the area by guy with guns. In our defense we were tricked. The policemen stated there is no method we’re paying that bit amount of money, as well as made it seem like we were ripping off Butta as well as were accusing us of lying to them, so we were just defending ourselves, stupidly!

our new friend, Butta, Mozambique
I can’t envision living in a country where there is nobody you can depend on for assist as well as where the authorities are trying to take money from the people who don’t have much money as it is. extremely sad. We had heard rumours of the policemen asking for tourist’s passports as well as then stating there was something wrong with their Visa as well as they would have to either pay as much as get the passport back, or, go to the authorities station.

So, that’s why we had our passports notarized, so we wouldn’t ever have to hand over the originals. They had requested originals a few times however we insisted that the paper copy was fine. later in the trip that occurred to Henry, they took his passport hostage as well as stated there was “something wrong with the visa” as well as he ended up having to pay them a bribe to get it back…either that or the bus he was on would leave without him.

After the authorities checkpoint, we were extremely close to Nampula however made a decision to pull over in a little village to get some petrol. great thing we did as we observed there was a flat tire! Great. all of us got out, locked the doors, as well as tried to figure out exactly how to modification a tire on a truck. On a cars and truck it’s no issue however it even took awhile to figure out where the spare was. I believe Butta was relieved we were there with him since he was clueless. Nick as well as Henry got on their backs as well as did all the filthy work …while Alice as well as I tried to prevent the village drunk who was lingering around frustrating everyone.

the “gas station”, little village on the method to Nampula, Mozambique

at the gas station in the village on the method to Nampula, Mozambique
where’s the spare tire?! Mozambique

After about 28 hours of quite much solid driving, we shown up in Nampula. It took a bit while to officially “arrive” since we had to pick up Butta’s brother, then go to the office where his manager works, Butta had to speak with him, etc. etc. We thanked our new good friend over as well as over for getting us all the method to Nampula…a journey that would have expense us at least triple what we paid him as well as would’ve taken days as well as days on extremely uncomfortable, overcrowded chapas. He was a lifesaver.

We were all famished after having only eaten bread as well as immediate noodles for a day as well as a half as well as devoured some grilled chicken, stocked up on food for the next morning as well as called it a night. all of us passed out ideal away in our hotel as well as were up the complying with morning at 3:45am to catch a bus to the northern town of Pemba. As soon as we left the South of Mozambique, getting up between 3:00am as well as 4:00am would ended up being quite standard. I don’t understand why however that’s when all the buses leave in the North…and there always seems to be only one a day!

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