DUMPLINGS, HORSES and birthday parties

Yet another bright but freezing winter’s week has gone by here in Sydney. this week we’ve kept warm by staying busy catching up with friends, cat sitting (as in looking after a friend’s cat not actually sitting on one), making the most of an crucial international celebration and getting back in touch with nature.

Here’s a run-down of our week on Instagram. hope you’ve had a good one too. x

This evening we’ve finally got the chance to catch up with our good pals Sam and David from TheAnnoyedThyroid.com. As is only proper, we’ve made a decision to choose dumplings in our much-loved spot in the city – SeaBay on Pitt St. There’s nothing fancy about this little eatery, but the food they serve here is awesome.

Never a disappointment, the dumplings are always delicious, the crispy pork is always need to and the eggplant and capsicum dish is so full of flavour and amazing texture.

We’re really enjoying the extra bit of company this week. Our friend’s stunning little cat Kismet is staying with us. She’s highly entertaining and so adorably cute… but isn’t so good for our productivity. Mrs romance is having some issues with her typing speed here.

It’s so cold out today we’ve had to dig deep to get through it. Thankfully our dream trip to Capri is never too far from our minds. This view out over the cliffs into that crystal clear water is just sublime.

As with lots of good things, one photo of Capri is never enough. This was the path we took down to an amazing little beach to one of the most extraordinary example of low-key glamour.

A little restaurant up on the rocks looking down on a boat ramp and a private beach. They serve up crab, lobster, fresh fish and an exceptional little white wine list here. If you dine here, you’re also allowed onto the private beach. double bonus!

Today is a a lot of crucial day. It’s international Beer Day!

This indicates there’s only one thing to be done: a trip to the royal Albert in Surry Hills to sample some of the amazing beers they have on tap at the moment. They’ve got a terrific range of mountain Goat beer pumping at the minute, so don’t miss out.

I’ve made a decision that the couple of glasses I’ve had with my ridiculously good Royale with Cheese (gone spicy!) burger weren’t enough, so I’ve got a couple of takeaways. Modus Operandi Brewery have donated a special canning maker to the royal Albert. It indicates you can buy one of these oversized cans of any beer you see on tap and they seal it up for you to take pleasure in in your own home! Genius!

The cans are around 950ml and this one’s full of mountain Goat before Dawn Black IPA. very good!

This morning, Mrs romance and I are at the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre to have a crack at horse riding. It’s part of the launch of the film The longest ride we’re working on with 20th Century Fox, and it’s indicated we’ve got the opportunity to meet the charming Molly here.

Molly is part of Sydney Horse, which has some amazing programmes for people of all skill and experience levels. You can even have a go on the mechanical and electronic horses first to get to grips with some of the basics first. but Molly’s a very gentle horse, and Mrs romance has made a new pal here for sure.

This evening, we’re off to a birthday party. The sunset through the Anzac Bridge is just astonishing, and I just manage to get a shot of it through our Uber driver’s pretty grubby windscreen.

The birthday party I pointed out is for our pal Steph from LipstickAndCake.com and her mum too. It’s a combined effort which indicates two things. A double helping of guests at the party and a double helping of cake!

The spread Steph and her family have put on for this do is just amazing. This is Steph’s photo of the cheese table (yes, a whole table just for cheese), which is much better than ours.

So what was your week and weekend like? What have you been up to? tell us in the comments!

Images by Mr and Mrs romance by means of Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance, @Christina.Butcher – Mrs R’s Insta account and @AngryBastard of course!

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