It feels like forever considering that our last Instagram Diary, so much has been happening. thanks to a multitude of reasons – not least our sites all being hacked and taken offline while they were being fixed – we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog. It has indicated we’ve been busier than ever on Instagram though, so we’ve got plenty to tell you this week.

An outstanding whirlwind trip on the Spirit of Tasmania has given our phones and cam so much to look at over the weekend, this edition of our IgD is pretty big, so sit back, kick back and take pleasure in the view!

This morning before we head to Melbourne for a sail on the newly renovated Spirit of Tasmania, we’re on Sydney Harbour enjoying a rare bit of sunshine. It’s a real stunner here on the water today, but over the weekend, the mercury’s expected to shoot up… best timing to be travelling interstate, isn’t it?!

All aboard! We’re just about to sail away to Tasmania and the sun’s put on a beautiful show over Port Melbourne. We’re really ecstatic about our cruise across the Tasman Sea. We’ve never been on the Spirit of Tasmania before, so we’re looking forward to exploring.

Both Spirit of Tas ships have been given a multi-million dollar face lift, with new bars, eating options, cabins and seating. I found this video of all the work they’ve done. love a bit of timelapse.

It’s a very early start after a beautifully peaceful crossing. Devonport in the north of Tasmania is shrouded in mist and our drive to breakfast is just sensational – even for these worn out eyes.

Our first stop on the road is to the Christmas Hills Raspberry farm Cafe. The food they do here – besides the fresh raspberries you can get – is all delicious. and a lot of of the menu includes their raspberries in some form or another. This is Mrs Romance’s breakfast of mushrooms, poached egg and grilled tomato with a raspberry hollandaise!

Our bellies are full and we’re on the road again. Back in Devonport, we’ve stopped to check out the lighthouse here. The views are amazing… besides the deceive getting in the way of our photo!

We’ve stopped in at the town of Penguin on our way to Stanley in Tasmania’s northeast. It’s a funny little town, and true to Australian custom-made they have their own big Thing. appropriately this is the big Penguin (on the left).

Next stop is at Wynyard, where you can get exceptional fish and chips. We drive a bit additionally to Table Cape, where the lookouts across the sea and east are superb. There’s another lighthouse here that’s well worth a look too.

And here we are. Stanley. It’s still a bit cold for a dip or sunbaking on the beach, but the Nut is a real spectacle. It’s the remnants of a volcanic plug that formed millions of years ago and now towers over the little town of Stanley at its foot. You can walk up the Nut for some outstanding views around, though the chair lift makes going up a bit easier.

Ed: This photo is currently our highest performing photo on Instagram with over 1600 likes and nearly 35 comments. thank you to everyone who’s liked this shot – it’s really made our month!

We’re spending tonight in Stanley here. This is @VDL Stanley; an old bluestone house that’s been split into three separate rooms. This luxury boutique hotel is amazingly designed, and the thought and decoration inside is absolutely beautiful. This has to be one of the oldest buildings we’ve stayed in in Australia.

The views out of our windows at the beach in front and of the Nut behind are stunning.

We’ve sped our way down to Launceston today after a great meal at the Stanley hotel last night.

Tonight we’re staying at two four two Apartments in town. You can book through their website or through Stayz – and you know what we think of Stayz! Our apartment or condo is beautiful with such an outstanding level of attention to detail.

Before we check in though, we’ve made a decision to stop in at Josef Chromy, one of Launceston’s celebrated wineries. The lunch we’ve got here is astonishing so make sure you check this place out if you come to Lonny!

This afternoon, we’ve stopped in at Cataract Gorge. It’s an outstanding part of the Launceston landscape… and that chairlift is the longest in the world!

The grounds are full of peacocks, and the river and bridge that make up this gorge are amazing.

Tonight we’re exploring Launceston’s nightlife. We’re so ecstatic to have been recommended Geronimo – the current bar to open here. It’s another great example of Tasmanian styling and feels a lot more like a slick Sydney bar than what we were expecting all the way out here.

We really love this place and would spend a lot more time here if we could.

Today is a very special day for us. 15 September marks the day we met. and this year chalks up the 15th year we’ve had the pleasure of celebrating this anniversary.

Mrs romance found this photo while we were packing for our step the other week. I look half-stoned, but Mrs R is as sensational as ever.

Our last night in Tasmania is here (Hobart – not this pile of snow). We’ve made the climb (in our car) up mount Wellington, that towers over Hobart and the surrounding countryside. It’s still cold enough up here for snow, which is a novelty. I don’t think that novelty’s going to last long though!

The walks and lookouts around Mt Wellington are amazing. It’s so worth the drive up and the cold.

We had the best night’s sleep yet in the Salamanca Wharf Hotel. What a beautiful place. We’re incredibly pleased with this place – and I love the car stacker they have here! #GeekingOutOverParking

The breakfast option is a no-brainer as we clear up in our seats at the Salamanca Wharf cafe in front of our hotel. The staff here and in the hotel are all superb, and leave us with an outstanding enduring impression of Tasmania.

We’ve made a decision to take a slightly different route back north to Devonport and our night’s sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania. The drive around the great Lakes in Tasmania’s interior is something to be marvelled at. I love this drive – though if it’d rained or snowed at all, the story might be a different one!

The views out over the lakes and through this isolated part of the island are mind-blowing.

So it’s time to say farewell to Tasmania, but with views like this – and a million others – I bet we’ll be back very soon!

Back in Melbourne after another amazingly calm crossing in the comfort of our Spirit of Tasmania cabin, we feel duty-bound to get a shot of some Melbourne street art and a coffee. Well, it wouldn’t be Melbourne without it, would it?

How have you been? It feels like we’ve got some catching up to do! tell us what’s been going on with you in the comments below!

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