30 mixed drinks IN 30 DAYS – DAY 22: THE PINK SLIPPER

Day 22 of our 30 mixed drinks in 30 Days Challenge: the Pink Slipper

This is a traditional champagne mixed drink – however that doesn’t mean it a soft drink. On the contrary, it’s most likely one of the stronger drinks in this challenge, so please take care when you have this one. It surprised us both!

I don’t understand why it surprised us though. It’s got a great deal of alcohol in it! It was likewise the flavour that took us by surprise. The unlikely combination of rum, Cointreau as well as champagne work well, however don’t expect an simple drink. This one’s a toughy!

How to make a Pink Slipper

Here’s what you need:

For each drink

Single determine of white rum – we utilized Bacardi

Single determine of Cointreau – or you can utilize remove triple sec. I haven’t tried it with Grand Marnier – this may be a bit rich for the mix!

Champagne or prosecco

handful of raspberries


Champagne flute

Thin slice of lime to garnish

Cocktail shaker, jigger measure, fine fit together strainer or sieve

Here’s what you do:

Pour the rum as well as Cointreau over ice into the shaker.

drop the raspberries in the shaker as well.

Shake whatever up for about a minute so the berries are mushed up.

Fine strain into the flute so none of the rasberry seeds or flesh goes into the glass.

Top up with champagne or prosecco

Thinly slice a lime across the fruit.

Slice halfway into the lime disc.

Garnish the lime on the edge of the glass.

Enjoy responsibly!

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Images by Mrs Romance.

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