Why Retreats are terrific for First-Time Solo female Travelers

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Months ago, I wrote a post on terrific trips for first-time solo female travelers. I highlighted three kinds of trips: outdoor group adventures, city breaks, as well as organized trips where you learn a skill — like surfing.

Then I found myself enjoying Sayulita, Mexico, on a fitness retreat with Nourish Retreats. It was exactly the kind of trip I had recommended earlier — as well as now that I had been on one myself, I can verify that it’s a terrific first-time solo trip!

I know that many of my readers would never want to travel the way I usually do (though they do enjoy reading about it!).  Backpacking, solo travel, as well as traveling in lesser-developed countries can be as difficult as well as exhausting as it is fulfilling.  But going to a retreat is something much easier to do.

You don’t necessarily have to go to a retreat alone — two of the women with us were pals from home — however it’s a terrific way to get your feet wet in terms of solo travel.  In fact, for one of the girls, it was her first solo trip ever!

Here are the reasons why retreats are terrific for first-time solo female travelers:

You don’t have to worry about logistics.

The idea of traveling solo makes lots of women worry — about getting by in a foreign city, about not speaking the local language, about finding lodging, about eating alone.

While each retreat varies, they all take care of the major details — lodging, meals, as well as some activities at the very least, as well as typically quite a bit more.

After years of buying the wrong train tickets, getting kicked out of hostels, as well as wandering streets for hours looking for something decent to eat, it was a substantial relief to sit back as well as know that everything was taken care of.  In fact, I didn’t know what to do with myself at first!

At Nourish Retreats, we were picked up right at the flight terminal as well as taken to the glorious Haramara Retreat.  We had transportation to the market as well as our surfing lessons.  Our meals were at the same times every day, as well as of course, our lodging was arranged.  I didn’t have to worry about a thing!

You get to spend time doing an activity that you enjoy.

Whether you select a fitness retreat, like I did, or a meditation retreat, or a cooking retreat, or a surfing retreat — or any type of combination thereof, since they exist! — you get to spend time doing an activity that makes you happy.

One piece of advice that I always give travelers is, “Do what makes you happy.” Don’t waste your time doing things that you think you should do — do what you want to do!  Travel is a possibility to do something special for yourself, as well as being on a retreat is one way to do that.

At Nourish Retreats, I was happy to ended up being the yogi I always wished I might be — as well as finally found it in me to wake up early as well as do yoga first thing each morning.  Oh, as well as surfing in Punta de Mita was pretty good, too!

You meet lots of new friends.

I’ve found that when I modification routines, time seems to pass extremely slowly. So after a day in a new environment, it feels like a week — as well as it feels like you’ve been pals for a lifetime.

Sure, you might not love everyone you meet, however there’s no possibility that everyone on this trip is a total misanthrope. I guarantee you’ll find at least one person with whom you’ll get along well.

I loved all of the girls I met at Nourish Retreats — we got along so well all week! — as well as especially got close to my two roomies in the dorm.

And a bit of news — I just found out that Nourish Retreats are returning to Sayulita this November!  If you want to go on the retreat that I went on, you can!  Stay tuned for more information as it happens.

I spent my week in Sayulita as a guest of Nourish Retreats.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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