WHERE TO discover A great LUNCH IN ESSEX – TIPTREE JAM factory

“Just enjoy your lunch, will you?”

I couldn’t believe it. The woman on the table behind us clearly needed to have her viewpoint heard. I was taking a photo of my lunch (a blogger’s curse) at the Tiptree Jam factory as well as Tea spaces in Essex, England at the time.

I required a smile, thanked her as well as tried to explain to her what I was doing. Her eyes glazed over, chin ended up being slack… I was wasting my time.

The food we’d ordered wasn’t a squander though as well as I took up our nosy friend’s tip with excellent gusto.

My warm beef bap with horseradish garnish as well as homemade coleslaw was juicy as well as full of flavour.

My dad hurtled into his three-cheese ploughman’s with regional butcher’s ham, French bread as well as Tiptree relish, as well as my mum enjoyed her smoked salmon as well as prawn salad extremely much.

There was silence from the table behind. I don’t believe the woman realised exactly how hungry we were!

Across the room, some women were having a area of high tea. The towers of scones with cream as well as Tiptree jam, sandwiches (in triangles of course) as well as tasty looking cakes were impressive sufficient for us to request a photo.

All in all, it was a extremely English lunch time scene!

The jam shop is a pleasure – offering all the jams made onsite as well as other bits as well as pieces too. They likewise offer regional cake goodness, however we were as well full from lunch to buy anything.

We ventured into the jam museum next. It’s extremely fascinating – as well as not as well huge – so the 10 or so minute walk around wasn’t a huge ask. The Wilkins household have been farming in Tiptree for 300 years, as well as their tradition is right here ordinary to see.

They have old jam making machinery like canning machines as well as cherry stoners. There’s likewise a WWII display from when the area was shelled in the 1940s.

It’s a extremely pleasant method to spend a long lunch, as well as it’s in a lovely part of the English countryside. even aggro old women can’t suggest with that!

Tiptree Jam factory as well as Tea Rooms

Open: Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.00pm; Sunday 10.00am-5.00pm.

Closing time is 30 minutes earlier in winter.

Have you ever been ‘told off’ for taking photos of your own food? has anyone ever faced you since of your blogging habits? tell us about them in the comments!

Images by Mr Romance.

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