There aren’t many times I can believe of where Mrs romance hasn’t desired a glass of champagne. perhaps when she’s asleep? No, not even then.

Mrs R, like everybody else I suppose, associates champagne with events as well as great times. That’s why it’s such a happy drink. Mrs R even has a special custom she chosen up from when she resided in Paris.

Every time old good friends open a bottle of champagne, one good friend keeps the cork, the other keeps the cage. Whenever those good friends get together again, if one of them doesn’t have their element of the previous bottle, it’s their turn to buy the next bottle.

Here’s Mrs Romance’s champagne custom in a bit more detail.

We likewise keep the corks from all our finest moments.

There aren’t that many drinkers who don’t have an viewpoint on a glass of bubbly.

We asked our good friends on Twitter what sparkly they liked – we got some excellent answers – right here are a few of them:

Beth from @BabyMacBeth – “It would have to be Nicolas Feuillatte or Pol Roger… I’m not fussy!”

Sonia @SoniaStyling – states “Mumm. We took a tour of their caves while on honeymoon in Paris. I’ve got a bottle chilled as well as prepared for Christmas morning.”

Vanessa from @26YearsCounting – ” naturally one I discovered when as well as haven’t been able to discover since! Rising Blue lightly sparkling Marlborough Sauv Blanc.”

Sadly we couldn’t discover it either, Vanessa. Not even a photo of it. We’ll still keep hunting though!

These are all excellent tips as well as we can’t wait to try them out – particularly the elusive Rising Blue Sauv Blanc.

We likewise asked our oracles of the heavenly body as well as bouquet, the wine Saints for their top tips. Here’s what they’ve got to say:

St Peter:

“I like the Josef Chromy pink. It’s not as well dry as well as not as well sweet. Or the Printhie Swift sparkling Cuvee.”


The Swift was voted in the top ten sparkling wines as well as champagnes of 2013 by The Sydney morning Herald – above Chandon in fact! It’s a excellent winery – here’s our evaluation of Printhie Swift Winery.

St Andrew:

Being a new Zealander, Andrew has a great deal of experience in the wines of the long White Cloud. His favourites are:

“Cloudy Bay Pelorus (absolutely excellent as well as a bargain at under $30), the Daniel le Brun brut is extremely great indeed however not avail in Australia. The Deutz Sparkling is likewise great value for money as well as punches well above its weight.

“For genuine Champagne, my favourite is Vueve Clicquot of course, as well as you can’t go past, Bollinger; though the Mumm Cordon Rouge is extremely great if you want French Champagne.”

St Paul:

“Not much can beat the Dom Perignon 2004 I had yesterday however you should try, Mumm and Pol Roger; and Laurent Perrier, which is a bit of a favourite of ours.”

All excellent tips for seeing in the new Year if you ask me! We’ll definitely be popping a cork or two!

Got any type of top fizzy tipple tips? tell us in the comments!

Images as well as collages by Mr Romance.

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