As travelers, it’s important to select you travel gadgets wisely. So far, we’ve tested as well as reviewed excellent travel gadgets as well as devices like the almost indestructible Caterpillar S40 tough Phone, as well as the ingeniously secure Numinous Backpack. this time around though, we’re looking at something a bit less specialized, a travel gadget that’s more inexpensive to most travelers on a backpacking budget.

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When you begin backpacking, you’ll be amazed at just exactly how quickly your hard-earned gadgets, which may already have survived a number of years of everyday life, can quickly deteriorate into a disposable chunk of scratched plastic as well as rusty connections with a barely visible, flickering screen attached. put just – an adventurous life on the road is tough on your stuff, particularly your travel gadgets!

Smartphones are still the undisputed finest choice for budget plan backpackers who can’t pay for to buy, or lose, several pieces of costly devices –  they are looking for simple, tough, low-cost travel gadgets that do whatever they requirement to do on the road.

So what precisely do backpackers need from their travel gadgets?

Low costs – Not only are backpackers on a extremely tight budget plan to begin with, their travel gadgets are likewise at a higher danger of loss, theft or damage, so the preliminary investment needs to be suitably low.

Multi-functionality – Weight is a huge problem for backpackers as well as there’s no space for several pieces of equipment. bring different travel gadgets is likewise more to look after as well as more that might be lost or stolen. A good, total travel device should be a camera, a telephone, an Web device, a portable music as well as movie player as well as an e-book reader.

Durability – fragile gadgets are a bad investment in the softest of environments, however travel gadgets requirement to be additional tough to offer with the additional knocks, scrapes as well as the extreme variety of weather condition conditions a traveler is likely to encounter.

Lightweight as well as compact – We’ve always touched on why weight is such an important factor in travel gadgets, however they likewise requirement to be little sufficient to in shape in most pockets, whilst being huge sufficient to do whatever they requirement to do.

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So with all those demands in mind, exactly how does the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 determine up in the tough world of travel gadgets?

Multi-functionalityFor the gamers – An additional reward

Lightweight as well as Compact
The decision – exactly how does the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 hold up in the tough world of inexpensive travel gadgets?

So with all those demands in mind, exactly how does the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 determine up in the tough world of travel gadgets?


Priced at 7995 PHP in the Philippines as well as about $200 USD in the United States, the Asus Zenfone 2 handles to keep itself in the inexpensive variety of below $200 USD in the Philippines as well as precisely on the inexpensive $200 mark in the USA. This is a not unreasonable investment for a pocket-sized travel device that should do quite whatever the typical backpacker needs. So looking good on the pricing!


To high quality as a backpacker travel gadget, we’re looking for great performance as a telephone, camera, an Web device, GPS map reader, a portable music as well as movie player as well as an e-book reader. So let’s have a look at what the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 has to offer in those areas:


Nothing much to report here. these days a phone is no longer primarily a phone, it’s just something else that your pocket-sized computer does! just be reassured that you can make as well as take phone calls as well as send text messages – if you’re feeling old-school that is!


All in one travel gadgets requirement to have a high-quality, simple to utilize camera, which is quick sufficient to catch the incredible moments you’re going to have on your travels. This Asus has a 13 MP primary camera with; 4128 x 3096 pixels, laser autofocus as well as dual-LED (dual tone) flash. In human speak – you’ve got a camera that should take remove shots in most conditions. additional features like geo-tagging, touch focus, deal with detection, panorama, HDR add additional usability to the deal. The front, or selfie, camera is only 5MP, however why are you taking selfies anyway? stop taking photos of yourself as well as catch memories of the incnullnull

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